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Mini Golf 100 plus (Putt Putt)

Mini Golf 100

The sequel to "Mini Golf 100" appeared! Find a shortcut! Aim for the top player in the world by clearing with the minimum number of strokes! Free-to-Play.

Jigsaw Puzzle 360 : Mega Pack

Jigsaw 360

Discover over 1000 stunning photo puzzles for free in Jigsaw Puzzle 360! From an easy 12 to a challenging 96 pieces, enjoy simple and engaging gameplay.

Five Differences MAX

Five Differences

Everybody loves it! Find the difference game! Let's find the different spots and touch them! It's an addictive game that anyone can pick up and enjoy!

Sprint 100 multiplay supported

Sprint 100

100 meters sprint game. Tap LEFT and RIGHT buttons alternately as fast as possible. Somewhat realistic 3D Game. Unique athletes. Your arm will get tired.

Area Quiz

area quiz

If you can solve these, you have an IQ 130 or higher?! All questions can be solved with basic academic skills. Let's give it a try!

Swish Shot! - Basketball Shooting Game

Swish Shot

Experience the most realistic basketball shooting game ever! It just feels so good when you make a swish!

Best Bowling (Bowling Score Management Tool)

Best Bowling

Very popular for my-bowler!! It's a tool to manage your bowling score. Various statistics! Easy input while bowling. Analyze it at any time! Supports new score calculation method "current frame scoring"

My Inventory (Home Inventory Control Tool)

My Inventory

Have you ever wondered if you still have stocks when going grocery shopping? "My Inventory" will help you in such situations. Quickly launch the app, and check your inventory. Here for details

Crazy Bike Racing Level 100

Bike Race

Super Renewed with v2.0! An action motorbike racing game that runs through crazy courses. It's an addictive game that makes you regret too much and challenges you many times. So it's the Ultimate Death Game!

Boccia Battle

Boccia Battle

Boccia is like curling, an addictive brain game for those who like strategy. The rules and operations are easy. Challenge players from all over the world!

Tilt 360 - Ball Balance Maze

Tilt 360 - Ball Balance Maze

Swipe to tilt the floor. Then the ball will roll, so lead it to the goal. The greatest feature of this game is that the entire track can be tilted without restriction.

Free Kick & Trick Shot


This is 3D Soccer/Football shooting game. It's a free kick in a crazy situation! Take aim at the goal with a trick shot. Minigame Foot Darts included.

OH Fantastic Free Kick + Kick Wall Challenge


A new kind of free kick soccer game is here! Astonishingly real and definitely not like the other ones. Use your finger and your brains to score awesome goals in crazy situations.

3D Maze Level 100

Maze Lv100

Run around in gigantic 3D maze by tapping and flicking! It’s easy at first, just a small maze. However, the maze will get bigger and complicated that latter half is quite tough.

Home Run X 3D - Baseball Batting Game

Home Run Derby

This app is simple home run competition game. Nine unique pitchers will be appeared. You can use the 9 types of bat (bat?!)

What's Changed? Aha Experience Movie

Aha Movie

Somewhere in a photo will change gradually. What's changed? Touch the change.

Messy House : Find Hidden Objects (Japanese-style)

Messy House Hidden Object Game

A most addictive item search game well suited to killing time. Look forward to exploring six beautiful rooms with the goal of holding a complete set of items.

Hidden Object Game : 100 Apples

Find 100 apples

Find 100 hidden apples! This is a game like a hidden object game.

Room Escape - Gold Coins -

Room Escape Gold Coins

New Sensation "Room Escape Game". A player can move and look around freely. Let's enjoy the realistic 3D space!

HADO Fighter


It's a one-on-one Fighting Game that manipulates characters with gestures! Shoot HADO at each other! PvP Online supported.

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